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Photo Don MacNeil, Chair, is a broadcaster and local community activist with a 20-year career in radio. He is proud to help provide a warm, safe and non-judgmental environment where those in crisis can obtain the help they deserve.

Photo Paul Wessenger, Vice-Chair, is a former MPP for the riding of Simcoe Centre and a lawyer with a practice on Toronto Street. He firmly believes in the ethical responsibility of all of us to provide practical and effective services to those in need.

Photo Bethany Obermayer, Treasurer, is the Director of Finance of the United Way of Greater Simcoe County. She believes in the dignity of every person, and has seen at first hand how the David Busby Street Centre can change the lives of the lonely, the poor and the dispossessed.

Photo Paula Terry-Lancaster, Secretary, is a freelance journalist and writer and the mother of eight children, two of whom are adopted from an orphanage in India. She believes housing is a basic human right and is committed to reaching out to those who live on the margins of our society.

Photo of Norah Busby

“Mandy Hillyard, an observant public health nurse in downtown Barrie, saw the suffering of impoverished families in the early 1990s and determined to do something to meet their basic needs.

“She approached her Rector at Trinity Church, the Rev. David Busby, who supported and encouraged her. Mandy approached local businesses throughout the city asking for assistance, and they helped her very generously!

“Trinity donated the basement space, a Board was established, volunteers were called upon and the Street Centre opened its doors officially on March 1st, 1993.

“David Busby was honoured to have his name associated with the Street Centre, which continues to provide counselling, social support and nursing services to help disadvantaged people succeed in their life journeys.”

Norah Busby, 80, a weekly volunteer and Board member of the David Busby Street Centre

The David Busby Street Centre is the largest drop-in centre for homeless, poor and marginalized people in Simcoe County, and provides counselling; referrals & access to social services; housing; needle exchange programs; outreach workers and nurse practitioners to approximately 170 clients a day, or almost 38,000 clients a year.

To contact the Centre at 24 Collier Street, or to volunteer, please contact Louise Stinson, Executive Director, at 739-6916.

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